Episode 7



#Disclaimer: This is an original work of fiction. Any relation to any person or organism living or dead is purely coincidental. This story cannot be published, copied or reproduced elsewhere without the consent of the author Rhituparna Chakraborty. This is a work of imagination with no intention to hurt anyone.

The man standing at the door way in the dark said, ‘ Girls, hurry up. We need to get out of here. The lights will be back any moment.’ Saanchi recognized the voice but she could not believe it was him. The man then switched on the flash light of his phone and showed the way to the girls. Saanchi stared at him. It was Mushtaque. Mushtaque said sternly, ‘ Saanchi, I had told you to eat your food properly then also and I hope tonight too you ate your food because you would need energy to help the girls and yourself, I will not be able to help you and them without your help.’ Still in shock, Saanchi helped Riya and Samaira and three of them came out of the doorway. Mushtaque then instructed Saanchi, ‘ Pull the black gun from the holster in my waistband.’ Saanchi shivered. Mushtaque said strictly, ‘Now!’ With trembling hands, Saanchi pulled it out. Mushtaque said in an angry tone, ‘ Stop shivering and listen to me carefully. This gun is ready to use. The moment you see any of Burns’ men trying to stop you and the girls, just pull the trigger. Don’t think much. And, there is a silencer fixed, so there won’t be noise.’ Scared to the spine, Saanchi said, ‘ B…b..but, I can’t…’ Mushtaque said angrily, ‘Then stay here!’ Saanchi kept quiet with tears flowing out of her eyes.

Mushtaque then spoke to someone on his tiny, almost invisible microphone. He said, ‘ CCTV cameras off? Ok…. I will get the girls. Get the bus ready. Are the guards taken care of?…. Ok!…. And Burns?….. Ok. Be ready with the bus.’ Mushtaque then went ahead and asked the girls to follow him. Now, he had to rescue the rest of the girls trapped. There were armed men through out the corridor. Now, that the lights went out, Burns will smell something fishy and there will be a swarm of armed guys showering bullets. However, this was dinner time. The guards took turns to go for dinner. Hence, there will be less men. Mushtaque and the girls were about to reach the first room, when they heard footsteps. Mushtaque gestured the girls to hide behind the huge garbage can. There was one guard coming towards them. When the guard came closer, Mushtaque grabbed his face, shut his mouth tight and shot him right on his head. Mushtaque was strong. He then gently pulled the guard aside and hid him behind the garbage can. They then reached the first room. Mushtaque shot at the lock. The drugged lethargic girls looked at them. The girls could walk but not fast. Mushtaque instructed Saanchi, Riya and Samaira to help them. It was not easy. They were all weak. Thankfully, Riya Saanchi and Samaira were not drugged tonight. They then went to the second room. The guard in front of the second room was alert, huge and super strong. Mushtaque instructed the girls behind him to stay in the dark alley. However, the lights came. Thankfully, the dark alley did not have lights. Mushtaque walked casually to the guard. The guard became suspicious because it was not common to spot any visitor here. As Mushtaque got closer, the guard punched Mustaque hard. Mushtaque’s nose started bleeding. However, that was not the worry. The worry was, there should be no noise or else Mushtaque will not be able to fight with a herculean army of armed guards. Mushtaque grabbed the guard with his strong arms and then covered the guard’s mouth tight with his hand. However, the guard punched Mushatque tight on the stomach with his elbow. Mushataque nearly let out a scream. The guard then took out his gun and aimed at Mushtaque’s forehead, when suddenly the guard fell down. Saanchi was standing behind the guard with her trembling hands holding the gun. She had shot the guard. Mushtaque smiled at Saanchi and said, ‘ Bravo!’ They then got the girls out from the second room. Now, they had to go to the third room, which is the last room. There were two guards there. None of them had gone for dinner. The lights were shining brightly. The girls behind Mushtaque pressed their bodies tightly on the walls and hid behind the thick pillars. However, there were chances of their shadows being seen. The CCTV cameras started working. Thankfully, this passage way had only one CCTV camera. The guard stood there staring at it. The people monitoring this passage wouldn’t worry because they saw the guards guarding the girls in the room. Mushtaque whispered on his microphone again, ‘How many people are there in the CCTV camera monitoring room? Okay.. Shoot them. There should be no noise.’ Mushtaque then tip toed hiding from pillar to pillar, ensuring, no guards saw him. Then, aiming his gun from one pillar, he shot the first guard. The second guard, hearing the thud of the first guard falling, came running. Mushtaque shot the second guard right at the heart. Mushtaque then got the girls from that room. All the 20 girls followed Mushtaque. They were all exhausted, tired and drugged. Still, they managed to walk, with Saanchi, Riya and Samaira guiding them.

Chopra was elated. He went to Burns. Burns sat there cozily in his room with a glass of scotch, watching a porn movie. This was his routine. After a light dinner, he would have a glass of scotch, sniff drugs, watch porn and then ask one of his guards to get one of the sexiest girls of the lot. He would then torture the girl till his heart’s desire and then shoo her away. Seeing Chopra, Burns said, ‘ Hey. Come. So, you closed the deal?’ Chopra smiled brightly and said, ‘ Yes. The transaction is done. The amount has been transferred to Kushal. Here are the details.’ He then showed the details of the entire transaction. Burns read that diligently. When it came to money, he was a no nonsense man. He read everything minutely and said, ‘ So, did we decide, whom are we going to handover which set of girls? I mean the new girl you got is highly sophisticated. We should hand her over to Jacob and associates. We can ask for double the money.’ Chopra nodded and said, ‘ Oh yes. Why not? After all girls are meant to be sold? Aren’t they?’ Burns laughed and said, ‘ They are meant to be enjoyed.’ Chopra then said, ‘ Kushal wanted to talk to us. I had asked him to come here. He is not here as yet?’ Burns said, ‘ No! Call him now. I don’t have much time in hand.’ Chopra dialed Kushal’s number. Kushal did not answer. Chopra dialed again. Kushal did not answer. Chopra panicked. He said, ‘ Kushal never does this. He always answers the phone.’ Burns got alert too. He said, ‘ Inform my guards to come to Kushal’s room. You come with me. We need to meet Kushal now.’

Chopra and Burns knocked at the door of the room where Kushal and Neeraj were staying. The door was ajar. Someone was sleeping on the bed. Burns went near to see who was there. There was blood all over the pillow. The person on the bed was dead.

Chopra started sweating. He shivered. He clutched the left side of his chest and fell down. Burns looked out to see if any of the guards arrived. He dialed number after number, no one received. It seemed all phone signals were disrupted.

Mushtaque got all the girls out. They moved into the dark garden. Behind the fence stood a bus. Crossing the fence would not be easy because it was an electric fence. However, they will be able to cross it safe now because Mushtaque’s associate had disabled the electricity there. The girls somehow managed to board the bus. Saanchi was the last to board it. She sat beside the driver. She froze when she saw the driver. She swiftly took out the gun and pointed at the driver………

To be continued…..